Ansys Sphinx Theme documentation 0.16.6#

Ansys Sphinx theme#

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The Ansys Sphinx theme is an extension of the popular PyData Sphinx theme that is used by numpy, pandas, pyvista, and many more scientific Python packages.

You use the Ansys Sphinx theme with Sphinx, a Python documentation generator, to create documentation. The theme’s objective is to ensure that Ansys documentation looks and behaves consistently.

While this theme is primarily used to create documentation for PyAnsys libraries, you can also use it to create documentation for any Ansys project with content in reStructuredText (RST) and Markdown (files).

If you are new to using Sphinx, see Sphinx Getting Started.

Documentation and issues#

In addition to installation information, the Ansys Sphinx theme documentation provides information on how you can customize the theme. Because this documentation is created using this theme, viewing it is an easy way to preview the theme itself.

On the Issues page for this repository, you can create issues to submit questions, report bugs, and request new features. To reach the PyAnsys support team, email

Getting started#

Install the ansys-sphinx-theme package with:

python -m pip install ansys-sphinx-theme

Modify your Sphinx file to use html_theme = 'ansys_sphinx_theme'.

Development and contributions#

If you want to contribute to the PyAnsys Sphinx theme, install the ansys-sphinx-theme package in development mode with:

git clone
python -m pip install -U pip tox
tox -e style,doc

To simplify checks, this repository uses pre-commit. You can optionally install and use this tool. For more information, see its installation and usage documentation.

Before contributing to a PyAnsys library, see Contributing in the PyAnsys Developer’s Guide for overall guidance, paying particular attention to How-to for guidelines and best practices.


This theme is licensed under the MIT License.